27 Years of Persuading You To Rock

Colin Paul and The Persuaders were formed in the summer of 1995. They have enjoyed over 26 years performing their blend of late 50’s early 60’s Rock β€˜n’ Roll music. For many years now they have been on top of the UK’s thriving Rock β€˜n’ Roll scene. They have spent a great deal of time performing regularly at well know clubs, pubs, dance halls and theatres up and down the country and promptly being rebooked wherever they play. The Persuaders Rock β€˜n’ Roll show is a must for all dancers. Playing the jiving standards of the era as well as their own compositions. Guaranteed to keep the dance floor full all evening. As well as being a great Rock 'n' Roll outfit they are also well established as a fitting Tribute act to Elvis Presley and Billy Fury in a show called... A TALE OF TWO KINGS.

Every theatre they have played with this show has been a sell-out. Lookout for new tour dates of this great show in 2023.

Colin's Career has taken him and The Persuaders to Greece, Spain, Germany as well as many more European Countries

and of course since 2001 Colin has been walking in the footsteps of The King in Memphis. His sell-out show's in Elvis's hometown and back yard speak for themselves.


Colin Paul and The Persuaders consist of...

Colin Paul

COLIN PAUL Performing since 1982 and going Pro in 1988. providing powerful lead vocals with The Persuaders since 1995 a stage/vocal performance not to be missed.

When words fail, music speaks

JEFF WESTON is on Lead Guitar. Jeff is an Original member of the band who re-joined in 2016. Jeff’s style is very similar to both Scotty Moore and James Burton and that alone will have you dancing in the aisles in no time.

Jeff Weston
Martin Davies

MARTIN DAVIES is on Bass Guitar again an Original member who re-joined in 2016 after a lengthy Residency at the world famous Cavern club in Liverpool. Martin’s Knowledge of all things Rock β€˜n Roll on both sides of the Atlantic are second to none. Both Martin and Jeff are both once again providing a great rockin’ sound that first put us on the map way back in 1995.

PAUL WILKINSON is on Keyboards. A fantastic Rock β€˜n’ Roll player and like the other lads he has many years of experience and also co fronts another acclaimed Manchester’s Rock β€˜n’ Roll band 'ROCK BACK THE CLOCK'. Paul has a great Rockin’ style and it shows he was truly influenced by the greats.

Paul Wilkinson
John Wallwork

JOHN WALLWORK is On Drums and is also a member of 'ROCK BACK THE CLOCK' and like the others dedicated to two bands and the music he loves, creating a backbeat that’ll have you on your feet in no time. All Musicians provide great backing vocals as well as taking lead on various numbers throughout the show.

So if you want a fun filled Rock β€˜n’ Roll Night out, then come and take a trip down memory lane while creating new ones and be PERSUADED TO ROCK by one of the hottest rock 'n' bands around.