I was born in Brisbane, Australia on June 8th 1962. Ironically Elvis Presley was at Number One in the British charts with Good Luck Charm. Perhaps a good luck charm of my own for the future? Age just six months and my parents return to the UK after spending four years down under. Fast forward to 1982 on a hot evening in Manchester is when I had my first taste of being onstage in my local pub. Of course my passion started long before with school concerts etc. but in reality I was influenced by my Dad's love for all things Rock 'n' Roll.

Just like any 'wanna be' rock star I gained my confidence and slowly but surely my performances took me all over the North West of England and becoming a regular headliner at many venues.

The word soon spread quickly and with young growing ambition, I formed my first band in May 1988, this was 'Raw Deal' but soon transformed into The Stormbeats to reflect our enthusiasm and style of all things Rock 'n' Roll. The hype of a new rock and roll band soon filled our calendar with events all over the North West, with major Rock ’n’ Roll events to follow, and follow they did, attracting new fans and life long friends. My Stormbeats days became a memory in June 1995.

Whilst comparing at a social club, which I had done for a number of years, I got chatting to some musicians who suggested I hook up with them and form a band, after some soul searching, that lasted two seconds, I immediately accepted. The race was on to get a Rock 'n' Roll show together and get back out on the road. Only this time to spread our wings further and travel the length and breadth of the UK and beyond. Our first gig was on August 12th 1995 in my hometown of Sale, Cheshire and the rest as they say is history and now the future as we keep our great reputation alive with a motley crew of past band members.

Solo Artist

While also maintaining a solo career it allowed me to collaborate with other great singers and bands, highlighting my diversity across different musical genres. My solo career often takes me out of the UK to Spain, Germany and the USA, in particular to Memphis to hook up with my American Elvis Family.

To all my friends and family

SkΓ₯l, Proost, SantΓ©!, Prost, Salute, Lechyd da, SlΓ‘inte, or just Cheers

Persuading you to Rock

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