The Stormbeats

The Stormbeats were formed in early 1988 and enjoyed seven years performing their blend of late 50's early 60's Rock 'n' Roll. The Stormbeats were Manchester band of the year for several years running playing the great music previously brought to us by the legends of the Rock 'n' Roll era. For some unknown reason we came up with the name Raw Deal originally. Perhaps it was because of the film of the same name being a big hit at the time, Within a few months we were auditioned and was quickly picked up by several booking agents and before we knew it our diaries were looking very healthy.

RAW DEAL 1988 to early 1989






THE STORMBEATS 1989 to 1995






Steve Barlow left in 1993 and was replaced by Peter Greenhalgh until Peter left and Steve Returned in 1994

The Stormbeats were introduced to Greater Manchester Radio DJ Neil Hiley who was also a booking agent and very successful he was too, booking all the local Rock 'n' Roll Bands and promoting gigs with himself being the DJ for the evening. It helped being on the Radio with his smash hit show Rock Back The Clock and promoting bands and gigs on air. 

Neil was a clever man and straight away he said I think you have the wrong name, you should change it to something more associated with Rock 'n' Roll. He was right too. He suggested The Stormbeats and we loved it, so from July 1989 The Stormbeats it was. We didn't look back after that as our schedule was packed and so were the clubs. We must have played every social club in Greater Manchester and loved every minute. 

Those were the days when the clubs were thriving and the pubs were too. Billy Fury's Brother Albie and Mother Jean Wycherley heard us on Neil's show and they were regular guest's at our shows. Albie produced a show every year in Liverpool at The Montrose Club. It was a charity show and billed as a Tribute to Billy. The Stormbeats were invited to play and we became close friends of Albie and Jean. 

Later with The Persuaders we would back Albie on most of his shows. In February 1992 we were booked to play at the second Billy Fury weekend at The Carousel Hotel in Blackpool, the first being in 1991. We all had a fantastic weekend, once again meeting Billy's mam Mrs Jean Wycherley and sharing the stage with Danny Rivers, Dave Sampson and The Hunters also Karl Terry and The Cruisers and not forgetting DJ Neil Hiley.  

I am proud to say I have played every Fury weekend since. The same year we booked ourselves into Courtyard Recording Studios in Stockport Manchester to record an album of standards that we performed at our shows. It was Released on tape, a CD was never produced but that's about to change, keep an eye on the Albums page.  

Our final performance was at Bury Cricket Club June 24th 1995. I loved every minute with the band but, I wanted to expand more, meaning that I wanted to play gigs up and down the UK and further afield if possible.  Unfortunately, that was something The Stormbeats were not able to do due to work and family commitments. So after seven fantastic years it was time to move on. After leaving the band I took four weeks off before my next Rock 'n' Roll chapter began. I am still friends with the lads today and recently I performed in shows with Dave Faulkner and also recording a few songs with Barry Husband. A few years back we talked about a reunion show, but it didn't take off, but never say never !

Our best remembered memories are  :

7th July 1990 ~ Performing at the Bowdon Rooms, Altrincham on the same bill as Mike Berry amongst others.

26th March 1992 ~ Support Band to The Swinging Blue Jeans at the Willows Variety Centre, Salford.

19th June 1993 ~ Top of the Bill for a Rock’n’Roll night at Yeadon Town Hall.

1994 / 1995 ~ Backing Dave Sampson on stage as a Guest Singer at Patricroft Conservative Club.

Also, backing Mike Sweeney on another occasion at the popular Patricroft Club.

19th November 1994 ~ Performing on the same bill with Jimmy James & The Vagabonds at Heywood Civic Hall.

11th February 1995 ~ Again at Heywood Civic Hall as support band to Lieutenant Pigeon.


But, the most memorable of all were the venues where we performed at various venues for Billy Fury’s Mother and Brother, particularly the weekend at the Carousel Hotel in Blackpool when Granada TV came along to film and record us, with a short clip of us singing Halfway to Paradise that was aired on Granada Reports TV the following Monday evening.

These three photos are from when we were Raw Deal with Musicians Dave Faulkner, Barry Husband and Andy Cullen 1988/89

The Stormbeats at The Moss Trooper 1991  in Timperley Cheshire, I still play there now with my Elvis shows.

These great pics are from our very first Billy Fury weekend  at The Carousel Hotel in Blackpool February 1992 with Billy's Mam Jean Wycherley.

We were very lucky enough to Share the stage with some Legendary bands at The Willows and Heywood Civic  Theatre.

Farnworth Veterans Club in 1993.

Various onstage shots from some of our favourite clubs including...

 Patricroft Cons Club, Eccles, The Bowdon Rooms, Altrincham, The Manchester City Club, Manchester, The Monaco Ballroom, Hindley, Farnworth Vets and more.

The Stormbeats live at Stretford Leisure Centre [Colin's 30th Birthday Party June 1992]

Various Stage and Publicity shots.

The Stormbeats Publicity Photo's