Original Recordings

Collaborating with great song writers brings out the best in me

Jim Newcombe

with Gene Vincent

Geoff Taggart

with Shakin Stevens

Rayburn Anthony

At Sun Studio

Toni West

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Recorded: 2021

Artist: Colin Paul

Writer: Jim Newcombe | Geoff Taggart |Toni West

Publishers: JAG Records

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Between 2014 to present Colin has continued to record Jim and Geoff's songs as well as a great new version of Shaky's 'If I Really Knew ' featured on the new album 'Ride That Train'. Geoff also produced several Colin Paul Albums, Including His' Child of The Sixties' series. Volumes 2 and 3 of 'Fit For a King, Rock 'n' Roll No' 1 which also features a Newcombe/Taggart composition 'I Gotta Girl'. And..... Shake it Up - Rock 'n' Roll No'2 featuring Taggart/West Songs....Rock With Me and Walkin' Out on You.

In 2019 Colin released a new Christmas album 'Let's Be Naughty' featuring several Christmas songs written by Geoff and Toni. Songs include 'A Wish List For Christmas' 'Christmas Angel' 'Christmas Rocks' Three Wishes' and Christmas Dreams.

Christmas 2020 and in the middle of lockdown Colin records another great Taggart/West composition 'Rock With Me [at Christmas]' and features it in his lockdown Christmas Special Show - Colin Paul's Wonderful World of Christmas. Available free on YouTube. Click on Link Below.

Colin Paul's Wonderful World of Christmas Show

Colin's Latest album with this song writing team 'Ride That Train' will be Released was released August 2021. Featuring songs once again by Jim, Geoff and Toni, as well as the title track, some great country songs featured are 'Cried my last tear' 'Baddest kind of blues' 'Add it to list' 'Id be lost without you' and many more.

Toni West has written with Geoff on many occasions for her own releases and has co' written many of the songs featured on the new album, including the title track. As mentioned earlier Toni is a great Country artist and her songs are played by DJ'S all over the world. Checkout Toni West and Jim Newcombe on Facebook.


Look out for more Newcombe/Taggart/West songs to be featured on upcoming albums.

That's Cool by Colin Paul

Painted it blue

Lover boy

Still nineteen

Tangled up in Texas

Recorded: 2011

Artist: Colin Paul

Writers: Jim Newcombe | Geoff Taggart | Rayburn Anthony

Publishers: JaGaR Records

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Jim Newcombe was born in St Helens in Lancashire (UK). One day he heard this new exciting singer Elvis Presley who was like nothing else before. The first discs he remembers buying were by Elvis , Gene Vincent and Carl Perkins. He hung around a local record store and a girl who worked there became his sweetheart, she was the inspiration for his song "Still Nineteen."

Geoff Taggart lived on the same street . They went to the same grammar school and became friends for life. It was around this time that Jim began to write lyrics. They would go to each other’s house listen to music, sing along with their favourite records. Jim recalls they would stand on the front step and sing β€œI Gotta Baby” together ( the Gene Vincent song). They also went to concerts and movies together. Chuck Berry’s β€œYou Can’t Catch me” blew them away. Geoff studied guitar and then his parents moved to another part of town . A few years later they met again, Geoff had become lead guitarist in a band called 'The Zephyrs' and had adapted some of Jim’s lyrics. Geoff had a great instrumental β€œBreakthru’” recorded by The Shadows. During a trip to the USA, Jim Newcombe attended 2 recording sessions of Jerry Lee Lewis and 2 sessions of Waylon Jennings and meets Charlie Rich, Billy Lee Riley and Charlie Feathers.

In the early 80's Shakin 'Stevens is beginning to be successful and plays in their hometown of St Helens. Geoff Taggart suggests they submit songs to him, including a new song especially for Shaky "Loverboy", Geoff records a demo which Jim takes to the theatre. A week or so later Shaky’s manager calls and says Shaky really likes β€œLoverboy.” They have dinner with Shaky and sign a contract. A few years later Shaky records "If I Really Knew" It's released as a β€œB” side, the A side being 'How Many Tears Can You Hide' Lover Boy was unfortunately never recorded by Shaky, but later Recorded by Charlie Gracie and Colin Paul.

Then Jim moved to Canada. There he meets Ben Hewitt, and they write " Shattered" Recorded later by Ray Malcolm and Colin Paul

Jim and Geoff collaborated with Rayburn Anthony. Rayburn started his career in 1959 at the famous Sun Studio in Memphis Tennessee. An acclaimed Country/Rockabilly artist in his own right. During a visit in England in the autumn 2006, Rayburn Anthony and Jim worked with Geoff Taggart at his home studio where they write 10 songs, including "That's Cool" and "I Still Remember Dallas"

In October 2010 Colin Paul is working a night club in Spain when singer Ray Malcolm a mutual friend to Jim and Geoff, introduces himself to Colin and ask for his card. A few weeks later Colin receives a call from Jim and they chat about Recording an Elvis type ballad they had written 'Still Nineteen' Colin was very interested and agreed that some point in the new year Colin would meet up with Geoff in St Helens and arrange to record the song. Fast forward to June 10 2011 Colin Records Still Nineteen and instantly strikes up a friendship with Geoff. [You can hear Take 1 from that day on the Listen page] Colin is so impressed with the song, He instantly flies back to Spain and performs the song live at the Elefante club in Benalmadena. The fans love it and Colin cant wait to meet up with Geoff again and discuss future recordings. Very soon Colin is back in the studio with Geoff and for the first time meets Jim who is over in England on holiday. The guys agree to record a full album and 'THAT'S COOL' is born.

When the album is completed in 2012 and ready for release Colin meets Toni West who recorded the backing vocals along with Geoff for the album. Toni is a well established artist herself especially in Country Music and now writes songs with Geoff, You can find Toni on Facebook on the link below.

The Album is Released and 2 singles are released to promote. The first is Still Nineteen and it reaches no' 4 on the international Country charts. The next single is 'Tangled up in Texas' and shoots straight to the number 1 position. Colin and everyone involved were very happy. This was Colin's first step into recording original album material and also the first step onto the country scene.

One of Colin's proudest moments was performing 'Still Nineteen' at Graceland in Memphis Tennessee and the audience starting to clap as Colin starts to sing the chorus, Colin said its as if they knew the song and took it as a sign of approval from the fans as if it was a song Elvis would of sung had he lived.

Recorded: 2013

Artist: Colin Paul

Writers: Jim Newcombe | Geoff Taggart | Rayburn Anthony

Publishers: JaGaR Records

Sweet honey

'Burning With Love' ️

By late 2012 Colin is back in St Helens recording songs for his next Country Rock Album. and an unfinished song by Billy Fury. But in the meantime 'That's Cool' is doing well on the country and Rock 'n' Roll Scene. 'This Can't Be Me' is picked up on the Rock 'n' Roll circuit as being a great stroller while the afore mentioned 'Lover boy' is a great floor filling Jiver.

If it's not broke don't fix it so the next album is planned and features songs much the same style as 'That's Cool' with Country, Ballads and of course good ol' Rock 'n' Roll. Again all songs written by Jim Newcombe, Geoff Taggart and Rayburn Anthony and once again featuring the great Toni West on backing vocals. This time with an added collaboration with Ben Hewitt and Geoff Taggart on a song called 'Heart to Heart' 'Honey Sweet' is just pure Rockabilly while 'Let the Jukebox Keep Rockin' Tonight' is classic Carl Perkins style. more Strollers 'Born With The Blues' 'Pardon Me' and 'You Sure Know How to Make me Blue' A fan favourite is 'She Wrote' Recorded in a doo wop style. As well as some great Country Rock and Ballads, not forgetting the title track 'Burning With Love'

This album was released in time for Christmas 2013 and as 'Burning With Love' picks up lots of Radio plays around the world. 'On a Night Like This' is released as the first single and again hit the international Country charts scoring another top ten hit reaching No' 7 as did the second single 'Too Much Water Under The Bridge' Reaching No' 5. On April 21st 2018 Rayburn Anthony passed away but his legacy continues with his great songs and recordings.

Recorded: 2013

Artist: Colin Paul

Writers: Billy Fury Geoff Taggart

Publishers: JAG Records

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Also in 2012 Colin Paul was contacted by Jenny Warwick of the Billy Fury In thoughts of You Fan Club. Jenny had some original hand written lyrics by Billy, also a cassette recording of Billy rehearsing the unfinished song. Jenny asked was there any way Geoff could look at the song and perhaps finish it. Colin took the lyrics and cassette to Geoff, Within a few short weeks the song was completed and recorded by Colin and Geoff. If your a Billy fury fan you can purchase both Billy's unfinished version and Colin's completed vocal on amazon, Itunes and from this website. Here are more details of how this came about from Jenny Warwick.