Colin Paul and the Persuaders


Well hello everyone.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had an ear for music and a built in natural rhythm. I found that out in school when the teacher gave the whole class recorders and we all had to learn jingle bells...I was the only one out of the class who learned it in two days of picking it up..

I was 13 when I started to play guitar. never had a lesson and all self taught. as a kid I was brought up listening to. Irish music, country, Elvis, Reggae, soul, buddy holly and the shadows. plus I was into Eric Clapton and rock music plus anything and everything on top of the pops. later on playing in a few blues bands.

I played gospel music and a bit of heavy rock.. I would learn tv ad music and pretty much everything I heard.. then in the early 90's I met Martin Davies, Tony Bolton and Brian Jones we instantly jelled and got a band together. we all had the same sense of humour.

In 1995 met up with Colin at the PCM club in Sale, Colin had recently split from The Stormbeats so we all thought it would be great to start a new band together and that's just what we did, we started rehearsing nightly in late June, Within weeks we had a full show ready and The Persuaders were on the road by August . I left the band after a few years as I still had some things to get out of my system. mainly girls. (ahem..) The route of all evil...only joking.

I joined back up with Colin a few years later and it felt as if I had come home.(oh how I had missed the fun and laughs of the travelling and the excitement of going back on the road and I absolutely love it. There’s no better feeling than being on stage with your mates doing what you love.

Now the pandemic is over and like all bands we have had enough time off its time to get back out there doing what we do best and having fun making music and watching the club's and Audience thrive once more.