Colin Paul and the Persuaders


Started playing piano at 10. Learning classically and passing grades originally but realised I can play by ear and reading music wasn’t for me

Played mainly for pleasure and spent my 20s programming music for backing tracks for myself and other artists.

First band wasn’t until I was 31 and I joined Vintage in 1998. First full gig backing Johnny Preston over from USA

ROCK BACK THE CLOCK soon was formed out of Vintage

I became more involved with booking the band from 2006 and from 2009 share the lead vocals which continues to today

Harmonies within songs are a big part of what I love, growing up listening to ELO has helped and a great addition to any band

In 2016 I was asked to help out The persuaders and it’s still a pleasure to be working in this band today.

Here is the link to our Rock Back The Clock Page...