Elvis Week @ Hemsby

Elvis Week at Hemsby is the event in any UK Elvis fans diary. It is the only Elvis Week outside of Memphis for Elvis fans. This year we have moved to November to keep that FOR ELVIS FANS ONLY PROMISE. In the past being held in September, and we could have this year too, but to do that, like other companies we would have to share with the general holiday maker. That's NOT gonna happen. We feel the unique family atmosphere is worth protecting. There is not an Elvis fan on the planet that I know who goes to an Elvis event for the weather. I go to Memphis each January and August, but I cant say I have ever gone for the snow and rain or the Sunstrokin heat of August. I go for Elvis and the friends and family we have made over the years. And that's exactly the same for Elvis Week at Hemsby. It doesn't get better than that. It will always be A Hunka Burning Love.

We have always had great support over the years and we actually do sell-out every year too. With a great team of Elvis fans leading the way, it simply gets better and better, As Elvis once said... No messages, no this and that, just pure entertainment and entertainment it is all the way. Don't just take our word for it, Book for Elvis week at Hemsby 2021.

On this page we will also remember past Elvis Weeks with some great photos and videos - You Know it Makes Sense !